From the recording Wake Me Up

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Track 3 on the recently released "Wake Me Up" EP.

In a time of deep despair - Doesn't feel like you are there
I need you to show me the way
All the walls are closing in - All my hope is wearing thin
I don't even know how to pray

But Your Word says don't be anxious - and have no fear
Your Spirit is always with us - Your power is here

Your holiness -- is worthy of all praise
And Your holiness -- creates an awesome change
When we are caught up in your light
The whole world fades away
Your holiness -- Your holiness -- Is in this place

You command us to believe - In the things we cannot see
That's the mystery of faith
You are strong when we are weak - and through trials we're made complete
Not lacking anything

And your word says ask for wisdom - and have no doubt
Your gifts are freely given - your blessings abound

I will trust in your protection - And in Your unfailing Love - Because you've rescued me
I will soften my heart - I will sing to You - Because You're good to me