From the recording Wake Me Up

For too long now --- I've been awake - but sound asleep
At times so shallow --- At times - so deep

Will you rescue me? --- 'cause I'm growing weak!
I need you - to come and fill me up
Open up my eyes! Awaken me!

Take me where you want me Lord
And teach me how to love you more
I am yours -- I am yours
Show me when your Spirit moves
And shine Your light to see the truth

I want more -- I want more
Wake me up --- Wake me up

I'm turning over -- all my hopes, desires, and dreams
I lift my hands now -- and let -- you lead
You can have it all --- I don't want control
I need you -- to come and set me free

Open up my eyes! Awaken me!

Sick and tired of living a double life
One foot in, One foot out the door
I'm ready to live my life in the way that
I was created for